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CD4 Machine


To contribute to this cause

A CD4 Machine Machine is very critical for HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment

A massive effort is underway to increase access to antiretroviral treatment for HIV positives. However, essential laboratory tests such as the measurement
of CD4 T lymphocytes in the peripheral blood remain expensive to carry out.
In a patient with HIV infection, CD4 counts help determine the stage of infection, guide drug choices and indicate the patient’s response to treatment and disease progression. A CD4 machine (is critical for HIV care; it allows our clinicians to know when to start HIV patients on life-saving therapy) Donate today US$ 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 towards the total cost of US$ 33,000. Save a life today! For any donation beyond US$ 500, you can contact Jona at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Africa Youth Ministries in partnership with Living Hope Health Centre a sister Health Care Non profit is implementing a Home Based Care Program for both the absolute Urban and Rural poor who cannot even afford transport money to the nearest health facility. Under this program, health workers visit the patients in the homes, take blood samples for CD4 test and results taken back on the next visit. Our patients also under this program receive their drugs from home, with added services such as social, spiritual, food kits, and other basic needs support.

Such Bed Ridden Patients cannot afford to move to health facilities for both CD4 tests and treatment.


People Living with AIDS Receive food kits packages at a community outreach in Wakiso District. Care kits include food, non food items where needed e.g. mosquito nets, beddings, clothes, shoes, and scholastic materials for orphaned children




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