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Art For Social Change Program PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 20 August 2010 13:32

Art For Social Change Program (AFSCP)

For generations in Africa, music, dance & drama has been used as a means of communication, celebration e.g. in marriages, installation of traditional leaders, celebrating seasons of harvest and in houses and places of worship. Today, the same medium of communication has been adapted by modern man for social development issues such as Environmental Education, HIV Prevention, Promoting Reconciliation and bridging cultural differences among communities, foster trauma recovery and healing and is being used to shape the moral fibre of our modern communities. Besides, many young people have taken on music as their professional career to generate a leaving and to create employment. In the past 4 years Africa Youth Ministries has worked and partnered with grass root organizations to increase awareness on HIV and AIDS in rural communities as a medium of prevention, led environmental education campaigns, promote reconciliation and forgiveness in the 20 years war torn Northern Uganda between the perpetrators of the bloody war and the offended people of Northern Uganda and as well music, dance and drama is being used to help war traumatized children and children orphaned by AIDS to trauma recovery.
Kajoki dancing group: A group comprised of only people living with AIDS in partnership with Africa Youth Ministries the group has worked to increase HIV awareness & prevention campaigns in rural Rakai communities, through the use of music & dance towards breaking the Stigma attached to AIDS & promoting positive living. A local drama performance on AIDS by Rhythm troupe, a local performing group in Kyotera Town Council Rakai District supported and partnering with Africa Youth Ministries on HIV Prevention and Environmental Education Campaigns.

The Rhythm Troupe in a drama on the plight of Orphans as a result of the AIDS Epidemic. A group of youth dancers performing at the youth conference.

4 Him a group of young artist performing a Youth AIDS Conference, this group was funded by Africa Youth Ministries in the Album (Lets Not Cry Over It, Lets Reason it out) dedicated to HIV Prevention.

Expressive Arts Therapy For War Traumatised Children:

A war affected Child in Northern Uganda tells her story through drawing, the picture depicts her memory of the situation when the LRA rebels attacked their home, arrested and killed the father, burnt their houses and abducted her. Africa Youth Ministries is working with war affected Children in Northern on various peace building projects. A former abducted boy tells his story about his life in rebel captivity being forced into rebel military activities as a child soldier.
The Drama tells the plight of people living with AIDS Girls and Boys of Rhythm troupe dedicate their lives to educating their fellow people on how to keep away from the risks of HIV infection with funding from Africa Youth Ministries.
Integrating the use of art in the peace building process in the years war torn Northern Uganda. AYM is through local music and dance groups promoting the spirit of reconciliation in Northern Uganda.
An evening of dance and singing by war affected Children, this helps them to shed off their war memories & the associated trauma.

The Girls in the above picture from Rakai Kajoki Village sponsored by Africa Youth Ministries have been orphaned by the AIDS Epidemic. In the picture above, they were entertaining donors from Sweden on a Project Tour by Africa Youth Ministries. An AIDS awareness music, dance & drama group in Rakai supported by AYM go through their weekly evening rehearsals.

War affected Children expressive their feelings & emotions, through expressive arts therapy that was during the 2010 Global Peace Games at Barlonyo a site where the LRA rebels massacred 350 innocent civilians in a displaced peoples camp

Africa Youth Ministries, has been so instrumental in integrating the use of arts in social development programs and projects despite difficulties in finding funding to sustain the programs.

Your donation today, can help us buy more local music instruments, hire instructors and trainers, buy costumes etc, donate today or drop us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any question or advice.

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