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HIV/AIDS Album PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 09:22

Global Youth AIDS Day marked in Style by Africa Youth Ministries in Uganda. Our theme for day was “My Friend with AIDS is Still My Friend”.

Africa Youth Ministries Marked the Global Youth AIDS Day on the 26th of February together with the rest of Youth Globally. In reference to our theme, majority of our activities focused on the care & support of People living with AIDS as well as Children Orphaned and affected by AIDS.

We marked the day in Jinja and Rakai Districts, however our major activities were in Rakai District, this is because the AIDS Epidemic has had devastating impact on the people of Rakai. The first AIDS case in Uganda was diagnosed in Rakai in 1982.

Activities conducted by Africa Youth Ministries, included providing of food care packages to people living with HIV/AIDS and affected by AIDS, this included food, sugar, salt, soap, tea leaves, Clothes and scholastic materials. We identified & visited 50 families badly affected by the AIDS epidemic, such as Child headed House Holds, Elderly Persons Headed House Holds and Families of People Living with AIDS.

We further visited Rhythm Troupe Orphanage in Rakai, an Orphanage with 46 total AIDS Orphans, where we donated Food, Scholastic Materials, and Clothes. At the Orphanage we had a lot of fun where we were entertained by the Children Orphaned by AIDS in Music, Dance, Skits and a Drama HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

We closed our activities with a HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention Seminar at St. James High School in Kyotera where we screened a movie on HIV/AIDS and the young people. Similarly we had various presentations from Africa Youth Ministries Staff and by People Living with AIDS. Students at St. James were stunned by a testimony of an AIDS Activist Prima Ndeka who has been Living With AIDS for the last 18 years, they had never seen a person confessing publicly that she was living with AIDS.
Africa Youth Ministries Teens at Rhythm Troup Orphanage
Some of the donated items to Elderly people looking after AIDS Orphans in Kajoki Village Rakai Town Council.
Africa Youth Ministries Staff handing over a bag of Maize Flour one the items donated to Rhythm troupe Orphanage
Time to relax! Members Africa Youth Ministries tour Lake Kiijanibarora in Rakai.
AIDS Orphans at Rhythm Troupe Orphanage Entertaining Members of Africa Youth Ministries
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda Project Coordinator Paul Katogo handing out Scholastic Materials to AIDS Orphans in Mafubira Village Jinja
Kaziro Edisa 75 an elderly lady living & caring for 8 AIDS Orphans one of the beneficiary families
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda staff packaging Scholastic materials for distribution to AIDS Orphans.
Moses Ogwang! A needy Student supported by Africa Youth Ministries Stamping Exercise books for Distribution with a message (ABSTAIN FROM PREMARITAL SEX). All books & pens distributed by Africa Youth Ministries to Needy Students & AIDS Orphans are customized with a Message (ABSTAIN FROM PREMARITAL SEX)
Members of Rhythm troupe presenting an educative Drama on HIV/AIDS.
Bags of Used Clothes donated to elderly people looking after AIDS Orphans. Standing with a red cup and white blouse is Prima Ndeka an AIDS widow and activist, Coordinator Rakai Womens Against AIDS & Poverty, she has been living with AIDS for over 13 years.
Members of Africa Youth Ministries at Rhythm Troupe, putting on a Girl Guides Uniform is Rose Ndagano Musimbago Director Rhythm troupe Orphanage.
In this Episode the young girl acting as an elderly lady advising young people on how to avoid HIV infection.
AIDS Orphans on Parade at Rhythm Troupe to entertain Visitors from Africa Youth Ministries
Africa Youth Ministries Country Director Albert Kunihira together with Prima Ndeka greeting elderly people at Kajoki Village in Rakai town Council
Teens of Africa Youth Ministries being shown the craft products produced at Rhythm Troupe by AIDS Orphans.
In this episode, neighbors of HAJI acting as a person dying of AIDS escorting him to his Village waiting for his death. This is a known practice, people suffering from AIDS are always taken back to their villages as they wait for their death. This is done to avoid high costs involved in transporting dead bodies.
AIDS Orphans at Rhythm Troupe Singing a song of Hope to entertain Members of Africa Youth Ministries
Community Volunteers and the Project Coordinator Paul Katogo weighing food items for distribution to AIDS affected families in Mafubira in Jinja.
Members of Africa Youth Ministries with Prima Ndeka welcoming them on arrival at Rakai District Headquarters
Prima Ndeka showing ARV tablets to Africa Youth Ministries Members.
Members of Africa Youth Ministries together with Members of Rakai District Administration listening to a presentation by a local Drama group on AIDS.
A local Dance & Drama group entertaining Africa Youth Ministries Visitors at Kajoki village
Giving a speech! Kajoki Village LC I Vice Person, she lives, cares and supports 16 AIDS Orphans.
On arrival at Rakai District Headquarters.
Africa Youth Ministries Teens on a familiarization tour! We had the teens on our team purposely to let them explore the impact of AIDS in rural Community.
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