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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 21 July 2015 13:23



Africa Youth Ministries is a Child and Youth focused non profit making organization established to implement projects/programs to implement projects addressing problems facing young people such as HIV and AIDS, armed conflicts, poverty, drug abuse, un-employment etc.
As a non profit making organization, as such, we rely on the generosity of our friends, well-wishers, community members, sponsors, donors & volunteers for support. In the last 7 years of our existence, the organization has grown in terms of project and programs beneficiaries, national & regional coverage, as well as organization staff, donors, sponsors, well-wishers etc. Our volunteer opportunities run through out the year, as you write to us with your expression of interest, kindly be specific on dates and duration as this will help us match you with other visiting volunteers both local & international. It also becomes less costly for us to manage group volunteer programmes. There is a place for your time, talents and resources. Our on-going volunteer opportunities exist in the following areas:-

Medical Missions/Outreaches:

Free HIV Counseling & Testing
Training of local health workers

We strive to uplift the health status of the less privileged in specific rural areas of Uganda. During 2010 and beyond we need OB-GYN, Physicians, General Surgeons, Pediatricians, Dentists, Nurses, Surgical Technologists, Laboratory Technicians, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Pastors, physiotherapists, Medical and Dental Students as well as individuals with no previous medical experience. For details click

Sports For Social Change Projects:

Girls Soccer Coaches Coaching
Boys Soccer Coaching.

We’re running a very vibrant sports project reaching 1000's of boys and girls teaching them about AIDS and many life skills e.g. Team work, time management, budgeting, fair play, conflict resolution etc. The sports project also responds to traumatic experiences Children face when they loose their parents to AIDS or war related trauma, through play therapy, children gradually heal from their traumas. The project is in dire need of skilled basket ballers, volleyballers, soccer, netballers to spend time training the boys and girls. We also need coaches who can train local peer coaches and referees as a capacity building and project sustainability approach.

Basketball & Volleyball:

Basketball volunteer coaches in Uganda

We need volleyball coaches for our rural and urban community volleyball skills training outreaches. For details click here


We need netball volunteer coaches to train our rural community netball teams and as well train peer netball coaches) For details click here

Light & Heavy Construction:

We need volunteers for our construction projects e.g. low cost houses for families affected by AIDS e.g. widows, orphans and elderly persons. We’re also running a Hospital construction project (Living Hope Hospital) and schools construction projects. These are projects suitable for school, college, university, and church groups during summer, fall and spring breaks. As a group you can choose to fundraise to build low cost houses, a classroom, a hospital ward or room.


Canadian students volunteering in building a low cost house in Jinja for an elderly grandmother and her 7 orphans

Construction Engineers at Living Hope Hospital Construction site, we need group volunteers who can partner with in this construction project, this opportunity is on all year through

Child Care & Sponsorship:

Volunteers are need in the areas of trauma counseling for children affected by war, orphaned by AIDS, victims of domestic violence and abuse. We also need volunteers in child care kits sorting and distribution and as well develop child friendly games etc.

Volunteers are need to raise support both material and financial our child care and sponsorship program. For details click here

Sports Equipments Collection Drives:

We’re looking for devoted volunteers who within their home countries can organize and launch charity sports equipments drives through schools, colleges, universities, churches, sports clubs etc. As well raisefunds for shipping such sports equipments to Uganda, fortunately, Africa Youth Ministries has a memorandum of understanding with the government of Uganda, we do not pay customs duties for all our imported project items.

CEO Africa Youth Ministries receive a huge donation of sports equipments at AYSC Toronto Canada
CEO Africa Youth Ministries wheels donated sports equipments at Chingquasy Secondary School in Toronto Canada

Community Based Care & Support of People Living with AIDS:

Together with our palliative care community team you will be able to provide home visitation, treatment, counseling, spiritual & moral support, HIV/AIDS Sensitization, Treatment of opportunistic infections (OI’s), collection of blood samples for CD4 Counts, training of palliative counselors, distribution of relief items to PLWHA, train them in dance & drama, train them in Art & Craft as a means of income & also train them in horticulture & poultry as a means of income. For details click here

HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaigns:

Volunteers are needed for our on-going HIV Prevention campaigns e.g. community and school based free HIV testing campaigns, and during the World AIDS Day Testing Millions Campaign, we need laboratory technicians, VCT Counselors, Doctors, Nurses, statistician for data analysis and research etc. For details click here

Income Generating Skills Development:

Don’t give them fish, but teach them to Fish” We want to discourage young people from the dependency syndrome by giving them skills that will help them to earn a living. As a volunteer you will be required to train our project beneficiaries in entrepreneurial skills such as poultry keeping, agro-forestry, bee keeping, hand craft making, bakery, weaving etc. For details click here

Fundraising & Handcraft Charity Sales:

Charity Handcraft sales at an exhibition in Rome in Italy

We urgently need volunteers to help us in our fundraising campaigns e.g. our on-going charity sales of handcrafts especially on major big days such as Christmas, Easter, International Women’s Day, Global Peace Day and World AIDS Day. You can volunteer to sale for us our handcrafts, we’re currently working with various individuals, Church groups, college, university, school groups and charities. For details, you find more information on our facebook page click here

Peace-Building/Humanitarian Intervention projects:

CEO AYM hands over sports equipments to war affected youth for Peace Through Sport Program

We need volunteers with prior knowledge or experience in implementing peace-building projects, through sport, art, income generating activities for war affected young people to help them start a new life. Similarly, our major focus in Northern Uganda is reconciliation & forgiveness, as a volunteer you will be required to help us design better programs and projects that enhance reconciliation & forgiveness among young people. This will include peace education for both out of school and school going young people through drama, music, dance etc.


We need volunteers with experience to help us write & submit grant proposals on our behalf, organize fundraising events, dinners etc in your country. As the competition for the little available funding grows stiffer, we have to adjust accordingly to sustain our projects/programs. Used items such as mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, cameras, video cameras, CD Players & cassettes can be a major source of income when sold locally here. We set up an internet café, which has been earning us approximately US$ 43 per day, which is US$ 1290 per month. This income has been helping us to pay our utility bills, office rent, pay school fees for a few orphaned children and other running costs. Unfortunately due to the prevailing electricity rationing in the country, we were forced to close temporarily. If every volunteer coming to work with us in Uganda would come with a computer or 5 and more used mobile phones, this would help us so much in raising funds for our projects.

General Required Information

The cost of living is generally very low in Uganda, if you’re not a heavy spender, on average you will spend US$ 4 on meals, US$ 16 on accommodation and US$ 2 on miscellaneous expenses making a total of US$ 22 per day. A 1 litre bottle of mineral water costs US$ 0.54 & a 350ml bottle of soda goes for US$ 0.38.
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda, has very few free volunteer placements basically reserved for local volunteers & volunteers from the East African Community, these are basically University or High School Students on Holiday and Unemployed young people who have no source of income. The rest of our volunteers pay for their own feeding, accommodation and they contribute to our field project trips transport. We however, provide for food in field trip projects.

Volunteer Policies and Procedures:

  • Travel & health insurance is on the account of a Volunteer, therefore before departure from your Country, a health & travel insurance must be procured.
  • Being a volunteer affords you the opportunity to role model, educate, and support.
  • No volunteer is permitted to use drugs or even smoking and use of alcohol during his tenure with us.
  • Volunteers are expected to behave very well while working with us, we do not expect immoral relationship amongst volunteers and between our local staff.
  • For safety reasons, on arrival all volunteers are advised to keep personal belongings in the administrative offices
  • At all times, all volunteers are advised to follow security advice as given by Africa Youth Ministries staff.
  • Official language used in our projects is English, and interpreters will be availed when needed.
  • Do not share personal information such as telephone numbers and addresses and do not offer rides, money, or gifts to project beneficiaries.
  • Be respectful of staff and project beneficiaries. Avoid provocative language and attire, dress decently.
  • Be respectful of Africa Youth Ministries limited resources. We are a small not-for-profit, with a very limited materials budget.
  • Money may not be handled, exchanged, etc. in open places e.g. in the hotel & community. Please be mindful of locking hotel room doors whenever you walk out even for 1 minute.
  • All volunteers must be over the age of eighteen.
  • If a physical or verbal altercation occurs, please step aside to allow staff to intervene.
  • We respect everyone’s faith & belief and therefore we encourage volunteers to respect each others faith & belief.
  • Anyone suspected of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse to a project beneficiary or staff will be dismissed immediately, a report will be filed and legal charges will be pressed.
  • While we welcome volunteer enthusiasm, volunteers should not assume any role where they would be representing Africa Youth Ministries Uganda without the expressed permission of the Country Director and the Board of Directors.
  • Participate to the extent that you feel comfortable and safe in any given situation.
  • Please direct concerns and feedback to your project supervisor. In the event that this person is unavailable, please speak with any available staff

Volunteering involves resources with no time; others are only a couple hours once a year, season-only and still others are year-round active involvement. As you can see, we have a need for your help, in whatever way, and however often, you can offer it. There is no way to run this Organisation without volunteers and community involvement. Your time and resources help bring smiles to thousands of needy & vulnerable children affected & orphaned by AIDS & Armed conflicts in Uganda.
For further information or questions kindly do not hesitate to contact us by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone +256-753-200002, due to different time zones, this phone is available 24hrs for both voice calls and sms.

Volunteer students of Chinguacousy Secondary School Toronto Canada package donated sports equipments for shipping

Volunteer students of Chinguacousy Secondary School Toronto Canada load donated sports equipments for shipping to Uganda

Volunteer students of University of Toronto Schools Canada load donated sports equipments for shipping to Uganda

CEO Africa Youth Ministries receives a donation of sports equipments

CEO receives a donation of sports equipments collected and donated by students in Oakville Canada

Volunteer coaches take children through drills at a children's sports camp

A Volunteer registers participants at a children's camp

Canadian volunteers help build a house for orphaned Children in Uganda

A Canadian volunteer kneels to greet an elderly grandmother in Uganda

Volunteers prepare to board a boat for a cruise in river nile to watch the magnificient Marchin falls

Peer volunteer coaches train street and orphaned children soccer skills

Henry a local volunteer coach takes teens through soccer drills

Volunteers help distribute relief items in an IDP Camp

Immaculate a nurse volunteers to train VCT staff in HIV infection prevention

Volunteer Nurses provide VCT services in the field

Local Student volunteers help to distribute relief items

Volunteers help distribute relief to Bududa Landslide victims

Volunteers from Ching Sec Sch in Toronto packaging donated relief items for shipping to Uganda

Volunteers from Holland take a boat cruise on river Nile to view Marchison falls in Kabalega National Park

Volunteers speaking to an elderly person in Jinja Ugand)

Volunteers pose for a group photo at the Equator in Uganda

Volunteers tour houses built by AYM in Rakai District Uganda

Volunteers incribe their names on the foundation of the house they have funded to build for an AIDS affected family in Jinja Uganda

A Volunteer Child in Oakvile Toronto hands over sports equipments he helped collect

A Canadian volunteer soccer coach, helps train girls in Jinja in soccer skills

Girls Volunteers prepares for a soccer match with orphaned girls in Rakai Uganda

Volunteer hands over donated soccer balls to schools in Uganda

Local Student volunteers carry sacks of clothes for distribution to AIDS affected families

Local volunteers load clothes on the vehicle for distribution to orphans

A Germany embassy official in Uganda volunteers to hand over sports equipments to AYM staff on behalf of German Olympic Committee.
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