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Sponsor a Child


Transformed Lives!

Together we can make a difference!

Our Child sponsorship program is designed to help Orphaned & Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) as a result of HIV/AIDS, past civil armed conflicts and other health related factors. As of 2009, Uganda was host to 2.2 Million Orphans. For as little as US$ 24 per month, you can sponsor a Child. The US$ 24 monthly donation, provide for a child’s school fees, scholastic materials, feeding, clothes, shoes, school uniform, medical care, and participation in professional trauma counseling programs. A child who does not go to school is a child who goes through life bearing a monstrous burden.

A child destined to live a life impoverished in every way; in spirit, in health, in bare necessities. Though building more orphanages is an effective way to care for the ever increasing number of orphans due to the AIDS epidemic and un-ending wars in Africa, we believe that care provided in institutional settings often fails to meet the developmental and long-term needs of Orphaned and Vulnerable children.

Further, the costs associated with providing basic care to orphans sky rocket when salaries must be paid, buildings constructed and maintained, food prepared, and services provide. Conducted cost comparisons indicate the ratio of operating costs for an orphanage to be 14 times higher than those of Community Based Care & Support OVC programs and projects.

Past & Present Milestones:

Cumulatively, through various projects, programs and partnerships, Africa Youth Ministries has supported over 30,000 Children since 2003. Our projects and programs for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children include Child Sponsorship, free medical care, free HIV Counseling and testing, low cost housing, OVC income generation projects, trauma counseling, sports, expressive arts, humanitarian AID e.g. distribution of clothes, shoes, blankets, beddings, mosquito nets, food AID, conferences, peer education workshops and seminars etc. Sign up today to sponsor an Orphaned or Vulnerable Child in Uganda, sign up!


Child Care Kits!

A child Care Kit Box from a sponsor in the US Silvia Nakabira an Orphaned Child as a result of the AIDS epidemic in Rakai Uganda receives her Child Care Kit box with her grandparents.

Specific information on how you can begin to make a significant difference in the life and destiny of a needy child will be sent to you. We encourage sponsors to write to their sponsored children at list once in a term and vice versa. We accept and encourage care kits for individual Children from their sponsors, and these may include but not limited to, clothes, shoes, books, pens, pencils, crayons, colours, toothpaste, toothbrush, dolls, towels, water bottles, school bags, toys and other gifts as the sponsor may wish.
For further details, you can contacts us by email or you can reach us phone voice or sms at +256-753-200002

Making a Donation:

We accept both on-going and one time Child Sponsorship and Care donations in the following ways:-
  • Secure Online Donations
  • Internationally accepted cheques
  • Direct Bank transfers
  • International Money Orders
  • Money Gram or Western Union
We advise you to use the most convenient, secure and appropriate to make your donation as suggested above. Cheques can be written in favor of Africa Youth Ministries (at the back of the Cheque write Child Sponsorship) this will help us to post the Cheque to the Child sponsorship account. Written cheques can be snail posted to Africa Youth Ministries P.O. Box 20029, Kampala-Uganda.

How Else Can I Help?

Building low cost houses for Orphaned Children, widows and grand mothers living with orphan Empowering Girls through sport, children discover their capabilities and hidden talents, cultivate their own skills and talents and increase their life skills, social skills, self-esteem, knowledge on HIV/AIDS and leadership abilities in a fun, safe and nurturing environment.
You can as well make a positive difference in the lives of Orphaned or Vulnerable Children in Uganda by choosing to sponsor a Child in OVC income enhancement projects e.g. tailoring lessons, lessons in making handcrafts, bakery, weaving, horticulture etc. For further details write us at Different income enhancement activities bear different training costs and durations. With an extra US$ 130 a year, your sponsored Child can fully participate in our Active Organised Sports programs. For this donation a child will get a complete set of sports uniform and a soccer ball, netball, volleyball, basketball depending on the sports activity they participate in. Our sports programs gives children opportunities to discover their capabilities and hidden talents, cultivate their own skills and talents and increase their life skills, social skills, self-esteem, knowledge on HIV/AIDS and leadership abilities in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. Living conditions for the highest percentage of Orphaned & Vulnerable Children have also been found very poor, under our low cost housing project for Orphans, Africa Youth Ministries has built 50 houses in the past 3 years, you can join hands with us and collectively donate to this fund. A single cement and brick unit, one bedroom, living room, and a shade, costs US$ 1200. Donate now!

AIDS Epidemic Impact on Children:

A Child prepares food for her bedridden mother, many children withdraw from school to after their sick parents. A mother is bed ridden due to the AIDS Epidemic, unable to do anything herself, the daughter withdraws from school to look after her.

Children affected by HIV/AIDS are engulfed by grief and distress as their parents fall sick or die. They face economic hardship and many become malnourished, withdraw from school, lose property and other family wealth and inheritance rights and become vulnerable to abuse. Studies show that children who lose their parents to AIDS are more likely to suffer from abuse than children orphaned by other causes, largely a result of the stigma and discrimination so often associated with AIDS. These many vulnerabilities also put them at greater risk of contracting the virus themselves. Especially, girls are taken advantage of those hiding behind the auspice of compassion, girls are forced to marry at early age or get involved in cross generation sex (young girls getting involved in sexual relationship with sugar daddies) all this due to economic hardships and poor living conditions.

At age 11, Annet lost all her parents and had to withdraw from school to look after her 4 siblings. Jane at age 10, lost both her parents and was left to fend for herself and her 1 sibling.
Africa Youth Ministries, with various partners, donors, wellwishers and volunteers from abroad, has been able to put descent low cost houses for such orphaned children, provided food, medical care, school fees, scholarstic materials, clothes, beddings, blankets, mosquito nets, psycho trauma therapy and counseling through home visitations, sports activities, music dance and drama.
Volunteers and Donors from Canada tour some of the houses built for Orphaned Children. CEO Africa Youth Ministries and Colleagues delivers a mattress to Edisa Kaziro 105 years and her 7 Orphaned Grand Children in their newly constructed descent house.

7 Years old but HIV Positive, receives medical care and food kits from AYM
Relief AID Distribution by AYM to Families affected by AIDS
Twins and Orphaned trained by AYM income generation projects in making beads and candles
Orphaned Girls Display shopping bags and African Clothes they have made under AYM income generation projects
Free Medical Care: Gerard fully sponsored by AYM, receives treatment at Living Hope Health Centre funded and run by AYM
AYM VCT Counselor drawing a blood sample froma child for HIV Testing
Tackling AIDS Through Sport: Orphaned girls under the Care of AYM register for HIV testing
Orphaned Children after receiving a donation of blankets, beddings, mosquito nets and clothes from Africa Youth Ministries
Orphaned girls supported by Africa Youth Ministries check out their donated shoes
Psycho Social support, Care and Therapy: Children arrive at the Beach for a fun filled party, swimming, playing etc
AYM Community worker delivers a school kit to Juliana AYM Sponsered child, it includes a school bag, books, pens, pencils, geometry set, colours, crayons etc
Happy girls show their clothes donated by AYM
Happy Boy: AYM through sport provides psycho social care to Children Orphaned Children as well as HIV/AIDS Education
Psycho social therapy: A rural orphaned school girl tries out playing soccer for the first time

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