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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 10:32

Building on our Mission embedded in the Biblical principles based upon Mathew 25:35-36, Africa Youth Ministries will respond to the needs of displaced persons who have been dislocated due to either war or a natural disaster. In responding to the needs of these people, however, a priority will be placed upon meeting basic human needs such as, food, shelter, clothes and medical assistance.
Natural disasters are understood to refer to such phenomena as earthquakes, floods, landslides, Famine. If, and when such occurrences take place in one of AYM geographical regions, the organization is willing to help the affected people to coordinate relief efforts in the area.
AYM Uganda’s primary interest in the context of emergency relief efforts lies in the area of "recovery" work. Assisting communities in turning "vulnerabilities into capacities" is of great interest to the agency. Often traumatic events provide wonderful opportunities for new beginnings, and helping people to take advantage of these opportunities can be an important first step in undertaking long-term development commitments.
Focusing on the effects of the 18 years LRA Northern conflict, Africa Youth Ministries is taking part in fostering long-term recovery through various peace-building programs in the district of Lira. AYM is currently helping financially incapacitated parents by providing scholastic materials, provide uniform to children. AYM is also developing a HIV/AIDS awareness & sensitization drama to be used in the HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns in the war affected districts. It is feared that when the 18 years war finally ends, the next battle might be of HIV/AIDS due to moral decadency as an effect of the 18 years LRA Civil conflict.
The 18 years LRA armed conflict in Northern Uganda has left its people battered and bruised, tormented by grief, despair and fear. Civilians have been killed and mutilated, thousands have been abducted, tortured and sexually abused. Many have been forced to commit atrocities or look on, helpless, as others are beaten, raped or murdered. Abducted children are forced to work as laborers, soldiers or sex slaves.
Child abductions have long been a major feature of the conflict, and it is estimated that since the 18 years LRA civil conflict begun, over 20,000 Children have been abducted by the Lords Resistance Army LRA turning them into rebel Child soldiers for the case of boys and sex slaves in the case of girls. In one way or the other some of the children manage to escape from rebel captivity, such children are heavily traumatized and their education also disrupted. Its for such Children Africa Youth Ministries, is setting up a vocational school to provide:-
- Psycho-Social counseling and recovery
- Life skills training to give such children hope and future and responsible citizens
- Peace Education
- Rehabilitation
Africa Youth Ministries is in the process of raising funds to set-up a vocational School (Hope & Peace Vocational College). The planned school will be located in Kigumba Masindi District where a 50 acre land has been sighted and negotiations are under way to purchase it.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 March 2010 13:26

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