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Mines risk thru Sports PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 07 February 2010 11:11

The Country Director Africa Youth Ministries Uganda Mr. KUNIHIRA Albert and the Assistant Sports & Reacreation officer hand over sports equipment and materials on Mines Risk Awareness Through Sport to the Director of Active Youth Vision Foundation working in Partnership in Kitgum
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda is a Child and Youth focused Non Profit making organization working in Uganda implementing projects and programs that address problems affecting young people such as AIDS, Conflict, Poverty and illiteracy. AYMU, uses sport and play as a tool for development of Children and Youth in the most disadvantaged communities in Uganda.

Among current programs being implemented through are, Tackling AIDS Through Sport, this is where young people are sensitized and made more aware of the deadly HIV virus and advised how they can avoid to get infected. Through sport, AYMU is also implementing other programs such as make malaria history through which communities are sensitized on the dangers of malaria and how to prevent it, as well the organization in the same program distributes mosquito nets depending on availability.

Through sport also the organization is implementing a program on street kids rehabilitation. Through sport in partnership with Active Vision Youth Foundation in Kitgum, Africa Youth Ministries Uganda has integrated the Mines Risk Education and Peace Building through sport program to the existing programs mentioned above.
A Composition of U10-15 Soccer team involved in the mines risk awareness program.
By integrating Mines Risk Education (MRE) in its existing sports development, coaching, and training programs, Africa Youth Ministries Uganda targets to reach children and young adults regardless of gender, religion, or race. Through sport, AYMU will be able to make northern Uganda young people more aware of the threat of landmines.

Similarly, through sport the organization encourages the healthy physical, social and emotional development of children affected by war, former child combatants, and children orphaned by AIDS. Our sports programmes are built to enhance holistic development, help foster resilience as well as to enhance values and life skills including leadership, self-confidence, teamwork, self esteem, conflict resolution, discipline, respect and fair play that is Building Character on and off the field.
What is Mines Risk Education?
All our sports uniforms used in this program are branded specifically for this program as you may see in the picture above.
Mine risk education helps people living near landmines learn how to recognize, avoid, and live with the dangers of landmines and UXO. This idea, also know as “mine awareness,” was first developed in the mid 1990’s by landmine activists. It became clear that in addition to securing a ban on landmines, it was essential to educate people living near landmines about safety, using techniques they would easily understand and could use to teach others. Since then, mine risk education has helped many people during times of conflict and long after wars and conflicts have ended.
A Case For Northern Uganda:
Northern Uganda is a region that borders Sudan in the North of the Country and commonly known as the Acholi Land comprising of 5 Districts of Gulu, Kitgum, Pader, Lira, Apach and. For the last 20 years the region has experienced and has been ravaged by a senseless civil war between the Lords Resistance Army LRA a self styled rebel group and the Uganda Governments army the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces UPDF.

The 20 years conflict has left people battered and bruised, tormented by grief, despair and fear. Civilians have been killed and mutilated, thousands have been abducted, tortured and sexually abused. Many have been forced to commit atrocities or to look on helpless as others are beaten, raped or murdered. Abducted Children are forced to work as labourers, soldiers or sex slaves. The current UNICEF report puts the number of abducted children to over 30,000.

The same conflict through the 20 years has forced over 1.6 million to leave their homes. Deprived of their means of livehood, once proud farmers and their families now depend entirely on the handouts they receive in internally displaced peoples camps IDP’s. With previous support by the Sudanese Government and the Arab world, the LRA did heavily plant landlines mines in northern Uganda though there’s no statistics to this effect.

This makes large parts of Northern Uganda contaminated with mines and unexploded ordnances (UXO) as a result of the 20 years war. Heavily affected areas include border areas with Sudan. Available data from Ministry of Health, the International Committee of the Red Cross and Ngo’s indicate that the number of mines/UXO casualities may be as high as 2,000 from 1999-2004.

Similarly, data from Assoziazione Volontari Per il Servizio Internationale (Association of Volunteers for International Services, or AVSI) indicates that 422 survivors have been supported with artificial limbs in its rehabilitation centre in Gulu and about 100 survivors are awaiting support.
One of the victims of Land Mines in Northern Uganda his limb was blown office by a Land mine as he was coming back from school
Program Goals & Objectives:
Through Sport the program aims to increase awareness of threats from mines and explosive remnants of war (ERW) among 86,000 school children, 30,000 out of school young people and 15,500 community members in Kitgum District. It will also help train 200 primary school teachers in mine risk education skills through its partners.
• Disseminate information on mine risk through schools and community meetings
• Organise extracurricular mine risk education for in school and out of school children e.g. poster competitions, sports events, songs.
• Distribute mines risk education materials to schools and children
• Organise speaking tours and theatre performance for out of school children and community members.
• Provide mine risk education training to primary school teachers
• Use of large scale posters and billboards
Expected Outcomes:
• A drop in the number of accidents resulting from mines and ERW
• Increased schools involvement in mine risk education
• Community groups will have and share increased awareness.
• The impacts of mines and UXO on the day-to-day living of returnees and resident communities will be reduced.
Mines Risk Education Approach:
To educate young people on the risk of mines and other ERW, Africa Youth Ministries will implement a 3 way approach, and this will include;- direct MRE, MRE public information, indirect or community-based MRE, and capacity building.
Direct MRE
Since Children can be the most vulnerable targets for landmine and UXO injury if they are not fully sensitized on the dangers of playing with them or recognize high-risk areas. AYMU will send out trained staff to schools to hold mines risk education sessions.
MRE Public Information Approach
Through this approach, to relay safety messages AYMU will print and distribute posters and leaflets to schools, churches, mosques etc, set up billboards, and broadcast messages through radio.
Partners Capacity Building
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda in strengthening and empowering the communities with skills on MRE through its partners will train teachers to enable them teach school going children about the risk of mines.
September 21, International Day of Peace:

Through Sports program on Mines Risk Education, Africa Youth Ministries Uganda is organising massive awareness campaigns on the risk of land mines and creation of the culture of non violence for the children of northern Uganda and the world. This will include inter-village, schools and IDP camps through soccer and netball competitions. The campaign will be wound up with a big sports gala in Kitgum town on the 21st of September 2007 with a sport Gala for both Girls and Boys. Besides, this campaign will also tackle the AIDS Problem especially with an emphasis on the girl child.

For more information on this program contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or
by phone +256-753-200002/+256-752-200003/+256-414-287151

We need financial donations to print more posters, t-shirts, banners and billboards. We also need funds for procurement of more sports equipment for soccer and netball as the major sports activities.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 02 March 2010 13:17

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