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Abstinence PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 20 May 2013 16:27
Mr. John Kaddu 75 years speaks to the young girls about abstinence sharing his experience how he lost his 7 children to AIDS. John is a member of Role Models for Uganda, a program implemented by Africa Youth Ministries in the battle against HIV/AIDS. Church Leaders Training at Entebbe Pentecostal Church in Partnership with Ultra Teen Choice USA & Africa Youth Ministries


Africa Youth Ministries works with various local partners e.g. Churches, Schools, Colleges, Youth Ngos to spread the message of Sexual abstinence to empower the young people with life skills to enable them make safe and correct reproductive health Choices, helping them to abstain from Pre-marital sex and concentrate on their studies, putting first things first. Abstinence Education & Awareness Campaign conducted by Africa Youth Ministries include School Outreaches, Church & Community Outreaches and Street walks and rallies.

Engaging Young People in information dissemination and Abstinence Awareness and Education Campaigns


“To Abstain” What does it mean? In our context it means to voluntarily choose not to do something, when referring to sex, it means voluntarily choosing not to engage in sexual activity until marriage. Sexual activity refers to any type of genital contact or sexual stimulation including, but not limited to, sexual intercourse. Abstinence is the only 100% effective protection from the possible physical, emotional, mental and social consequences of sex before marriage. Abstinence is the safest and healthiest lifestyle
2012 Intl Youth Day Africa Youth Ministries HIV/AIDS Awareness Team


Conducting School Based Outreaches on HIV/AIDS Prevention & awareness are very vital to educate young people on most appropriate life skills to help young people stay safe from risky behaviors, and peer pressure that may lead them to engage in Pre-Marital Sex, a get way for HIV infections and unwanted pregnancies. Through School Based Sex Abstinence Campaigns, students are encouraged to avoid premarital sex until marriage.


On a school tour to conduct Abstinence Education among school young. LEFT TO RIGHT. In the photo Albert Kunihira CEO Africa Youth Ministries, Tracy Nansamba and Dorah Peer educators and Prima Ndeka A Resource Person & Director Rakai Women Against AIDS & Poverty (She has been living with AIDS for 25 years) Africa Youth Ministries & Canadian volunteers conducting HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Education among students in Bushenyi Distric Uganda

Abstinence doesn't mean: Sex is bad. Abstinence means Sex is good.

Save it, protect it, and preserve it so that you can enjoy it in a marriage relationship.

A risk free choice
Better health
Trustful relationships
Independence from pressure 
No pregenancy or STDs
Emotional health
No regrets 
Communication to your dreams
Educational opportunities

Younger Christian Artist sponsored by Africa Youth Ministries to produce a music on Sex Abstinence education album entertains Teens/Youth attending an Abstinence conference in 2006


  • Freedom from the physical dangers of multiple partner sex. Sexually transmiteed diseases. Cancer of the cervix, and unwanted pregnancy.Freedom from the problems of birth control: the pill and its side effects, the IUD and its risks.
  • Freedom from the pressure to marry too soon.
  • Freedom from the pain of giving your baby up for adoption.
  • Freedom from exploiting others or being exploited by others and all the emotions that come with it - guilt, doubt, worry, disappointment, anger and rejection.
  • Freedom to be in control of your body.
  • Freedom to be in control of your life and your future - not to have it disrupted by pregnancy or disease.
  • Freedom to respect yourself.
  • Freedom to look forward to marriage and not be haunted by the "ghosts" of past sexual relationships.
  • Freedom to enjoy being a teenager, with many boy-girl relationships.
  • Freedom to form a strong marriage bond with one person for a lifetime -- in other words, abstinence before marriage leads to greater trust, commitment and faithfulness in marriage.


Africa Youth Ministries HIV/AIDS & Sex Abstinence and Couneling Staff educating students on abstinence during a school HIV/AIDS Prevention Outreach


  1. Dress appropriately. The way you dress sends messages to others even when you don't intend to. Guys are especially affected because they are designed to be sexually stimulated by what they see.
  2. Don't do drugs or alcohol. Drugs and alcohol cloud your decision-making ability and lower your resistance to say no.
  3. Don't spend long periods of time alone together. Date wisely... that is; avoid long periods of time alone together because it can lead to too much physical contact too soon.
  4. Go out with people with similar goals. Be friendly with everyone, but having close relationships with people who have similiar values and goals makes it easier keep your value system.
  5. Recognize your love need and what it means. Knowing and understanding your vulnerable areas will protect you from making some serious mistakes.
  6. Set your standard high and set it before the heat is on. Decide now why you want to be a virgin and stick to it.
Students display Sex abstinence and reproductive health education materials donated by Africa Youth Ministries


Applied abstinence strengthens the real man! Abstinence is the power to produce these characters as a lifestyle of choice:

-- Self Respect;
-- Respect for others;
-- Self responsibility;
-- Self accountability
-- Self dependability
-- Self motivation;
-- Self integrity;
-- Set high spiritual and academic goals; 
-- Trustworthy
-- Hard working
-- Self discipline
-- Self control.

Daisy an AIDS Counselor and educator, counseling 2 young men on Sex Abstinence as well as providing free HIV Testing

Single ladies pledge Click to Download

AfricaYouth Ministries HIV/AIDS Awareness Youth & Abstinence Advocates Team in a HIV/AIDS Walk

Sarah a HCT staff with Africa Youth Ministriescounseling and educating a Teen Girl Sex Abstinence & HIV Prevention

Sarah a HCT staff with Africa Youth Ministries counseling and educating a Teen Girl Sex Abstinence & HIV Prevention

Yasin a HCT staff with Africa Youth Ministriescounseling and educating a Teen Girl Sex Abstinence & HIV Prevention

Girls attending an Abstinence Education and Conference Organised by Watoto Church in Partnership with Africa Youth Ministries

Africa Youth Ministries Red Ribbon AIDS Awareness Team pinning a red ribbon a boy during the 2012 Intl Youth Day Celebrations

Abstinence Education advocates Victorian High School Entebbe

Young & Empowered Abstinence advocate Sanje Secondary School Rakai

Abstinence advocate Sanje Secondary School Rakai

Young and Empowered Abstinence advocates Sanje Secondary School Rakai

Buy our "Stop AIDS" Bracelets to support this cause

Abstinence is 100% safe

A girl fastens her Red Ribbon During an Abstinence Education Outreach at Eden Miracle Centre Church

Rural Community HIV/AIDS & Abstinence Education Outreach, Sharon fixes a Red Ribbon to Participants

Daisy a HCT Africa Youth Ministries staff counseling Teen Girls at Watoto Church

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