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My Hands My Future PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 23 May 2013 17:59


My Hands my Future (MHF), is an entrepreneurial skills Development project, developed and being implemented by Africa Youth Ministries Uganda to benefit Children Orphaned by AIDS. Through this project boys and girls are trained in skills of their own choice, as a strategy to empower them to be able to generate income for their daily needs. Through this project, girls have been trained in making handcrafts, this includes baskets, mats, trays, table mats, door mats etc, other skills provided include commercial cookery, where they are taught to make cookies, pan cakes, Donuts, bans, bread etc. On the other they are also trained how rear rabbits, pigs, and chicken and lastly also we train young boys and girls in horticulture this involves growing of tomatoes, cabbages, egg plants, passion fruits and many others. After one year of this project, 60% or the project beneficiaries are able to earn money and meet their basic needs; some even are able to pay for their own school fees. As the Chinese Proverb goes “Instead of giving some one fish for a meal, teach them how to fish so that they feed themselves the rest of their lives”.

Girls of Mafubira OVC Program learn how to make
handcrafts as an income generating project funded
by Africa Youth

Patrick Mukisa field officer AYM, harvests cabbages in one of the demonstration gardens used for training Orphaned & vulnerable children in income generating projects under my hands my future program
Rabbits: Africa Youth Ministries Uganda donates rabbits to Child
Headed Households 2 per household. When they produce, they
give 2 rabbits back to the project that once again given to another
family. Once they have grown, Rabbits are sold out and money is earned.
Economic empowerment for orphaned children, Girls making beads for
sale as an income generation project

Small Baskets, when the young boys and girls make baskets and
other handcrafts, they are sold and 40% of the proceeds goes to buy
the raw materials and 60% goes to the owner. This money helps
the young boys and girls to buy food, clothes, exercise books, pens etc
Mats, Similarly, when mats are made and sold, 40% goes back to the
project to buy materials, and 60% to the owner to cater for their family
needs. A good mat is sold for Ug Shs 15,000 (US$ 9) and a good
basket is sold for Ug Shs 10,000 ( US$ 6)

Passion Fruits, Africa Youth Ministries Uganda buys and distributes seedlings to selected Child Headed House Holds for planting and
through an agriculture extension worker, technical assistance is
provided to the participating families. In the same way we provide
seeds for tomatoes, cabbages, egg plants and also we provide
them with pesticides and Knapsacks for spraying the tomatoes.
When harvest time for passion fruits comes, in a good season a
1 Kilogram of passion fruits is sold at Ug Shs 2500 (US$ 1.4)
Chicks: Similarly, to help children orphaned by AIDS to stand on their own, Africa Youth Ministries Uganda has been buying and distributing free range chicks to Child Headed House Holds for rearing to earn a living. However, due to the high initial costs involved rearing Layers for Eggs, we have not ventured in this area yet it is a lucrative business.

Funding Appeal:
With this appeal, Africa Youth Ministries Uganda is requesting for funds to establish demonstration Horticulture gardens for training purposes, funds to establish seed beds to multiply passion fruits, Avocadoes, Paw paws, seedlings for distribution, funds to buy handcraft materials, utensils for commercial cookery

Please Donate Today!To My Hands My Future Project, we also encourage you to invite your friends and family to donate to this cause. With your kind gift of $1, $5, $ 10, $20, $50, $100, $ 500 and above. Whatever you can give will make a profound difference in our collective work to reduce suffering among Orphaned and Vulnerable Children in Uganda.

What Your Donation Will Do:
• Help us buy training materials
• Help us pay the trainers
• Help us train more children
• Help us buy project training equipments
• Help us provide small revolving loans
Together we can make a differance.

'If you’re interested in sponsoring a child orphaned by AIDS, kindly Click here
For further inquiries on this program and how you can help, kindly send us an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 May 2013 17:59

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