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Kibingo Primary School PDF Print E-mail

Project Name/Title: Kibingo Primary School Reconstruction

Uganda is a land-locked country in East Africa, bordered by Kenya, Sudan, Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania. Straddling the equator, much of her southern border is dominated by Lake Victoria. Uganda has a total population of 28.4 million as of 2007, with 14.6 being female and 13.8 male.

Project District: Hoima

Hoima is one of the 77 districts of Uganda found in the mid west of the Country. bordered by Lake Albert to the West, Kibaale to the South, Masindi (North - East) and Kiboga (East). Like other Ugandan districts, it is named after its main municipal centre –Hoima town. Hoima is part of the Bunyoro Kingdom, together with Kibaale, Masindi & Buliisa Districts, with a total population of 349,204. Hoima district headquarters are located in Hoima town. It has got two counties, 11 sub-counties, 43 Parishes and 532 villages and a total area of 5,775 Sq. km. Hoima gets an average rainfall of 1,000mm with two heavy rain seasons running from March-May and from August-November. It lies at an altitude of 600m – 1000m above sea level with undulating hills and predominantly savannah grasslands. The major language spoken is Runyoro although other tribes which infiltrated the area speak Rutoro, Rukiga, Alur and Rugungu. The district has a good road network connecting the rural productive areas to the urban centres located in Hoima district.It has a 200 km trunk road that runs from Kampala to Hoima and 550 km of feeder roads.

Project Physical Location: Kibingo-Buraru

Kibingo Village where Kibingo primary school is located is found in the north-east of Hoima District, Bugahya County, Kyabigambire Sub-County & Buraru Parish. The major economic activity in this village is peasantry.

Some of the school buildings that were destroyed and some that remained standing

Kibingo Primary School:

Kibingo Primary School, is the eldest primary school in the village established in the early 60s and until it was brought down by a fierce storm in 2004, it had been the eldest and best primary school in entire Buraru parish. The school has a total population of over 350 pupils even after it was destroyed by a storm. Children squeeze in a few classrooms that remained standing and during sunny days, other children study under tree sheds.

Project Budget:

The over all total budget for the structural reconstruction and new classroom desks and staff Chairs & Desks will cost US$ 66,809 Sixty Six Thousand Eight Hundred & Nine US Dollars or UG Shs 157,000,000 One Hundred Fifty Seven Millions Uganda Shillings. The US Dollar Exchange rate is 1US$= UGshs 2350.

The picture shows the front view of the 7 classroom and office block of the Kibingo Primary School that was pulled down by a fierce storm in 2004. Part of the Classroom destroyed by the
storm as you can see the blackboards.

Inside one of the emergency classrooms, without a floor,
the dust becomes a breeding place for jiggers.

Behind view of the 7 classroom block of Kibingo
Primary School that was destroyed by a rain storm in 2004.

Front view of the main classroom block of the Kibingo Primary School

Part of the destroyed Classroom blackboards remains intact

Part of the Administration & Headteachers
offices as damaged by the storm

Students of Point Grey Secondary School Vancouver
Canada pose for a photo after touring the damaged school

Inside one of the damaged classrooms


One of the ermergency classrooms onstructed using iron sheets,
due to high temperatures it becomes very hot and makes
unconfortable for both the pupils and the teachers.
Canadian Volunteers from Point Grey Secondary School Vancouver Canada chat with Pupils at Kibingo Primary School

Canadian Student Volunteers chat with pupils of Kibingo Primary School

German student volunteers setting up a volleyball pitch for the school

After School Holiday Program Girls Play Netball at the school

Inside a makeshift temporary classroom with dusty floor

External Outlook of the makeshift temporary classroom

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