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Role of the Church PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 20 May 2013 08:10


As a Church or Fellowship, there are so many ways you can make a difference! Do Something


“Universal Access & Human Rights”

What can your Church or Your Fellowship do for World AIDS Day, Candle Light Memorial & Other National Designated Days For Accelerated HIV/AIDS Campaigns?

Church Based HIV Prevention Outreach Program) help us to reach over 130,000 believers in 2013

Raising Awareness

In the absence of a Vaccine or Cure for HIV & AIDS, Prevention is the only social medicine available. This World AIDS Day, you can organize a Church Based Event on HIV preventive education, talk shows, drama, skits, Film Shows on AIDS, Concerts and so many other ideas. You can find more useful ideas on the internet.

Organise a Charity Fundraising Event

At your Church or Fellowship you can organize a fundraiser to sale hand made beaded red ribbons & handcrafts and these can be ordered from Africa Youth Ministries.

As a Church or Fellowship, during the World AIDS Day 1st December 2013, you can also get involved by holding an event or fundraising in partnership with Africa Youth Ministries HIV/AIDS Comprehensive projects in Uganda. On this day, to raise HIV awareness & fundraising you can participate by selling our Handcrafted beaded Red Ribbons, sale our hand crafts including beads, necklaces, bangles, wall hangings, Sandals, Christmas Greeting Cards, African Dresses & Shirts, you can collect pennies, selling recycled materials e.g. bottles, cans, old cell phones, computers etc, you can sale cookies, sale your unwanted clothes shoes, beddings, hold a concert, or you can collect and sale balls etc there’s tremendous fundraising ideas. For more ideas on fundraising and how to order our Red Ribbons & handcrafts, kindly mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Church Based Outreach Free HIV/AIDS Counseling & Test

Church Based HIV Prevention Outreach Program, Jona a VCT Counselor with AYM conducts a group pre-test counseling session

Between 21st November to 15th December 2013 as we commemorate the 31st World AIDS Day Event, Africa Youth Ministries in Partnership with Living Hope Health Centre & Ministry of Health plans to reach 100 Churches to provide Free HIV Voluntary Counseling & Testing & to increase the awareness the Abstinence campaign among the most vulnerable and high risk group of young people aged 14-20 years. Without your help, and your donation we cannot realize this goal. You can make a donation of US$ 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, this money can be raised as a Church or Fellowship and made as a donation to Africa Youth Ministries. For further details on how you can donate Click HERE

HIV testing: Go Together, Know Together Couple campaign

Esther Nakusi a VCT Counselor with AYM attends to a couple.

During the World AIDS Day 2009 Campaign, Africa Youth Ministries in partnership with Living Hope Health Centre & Ministry of Health will also be promoting the Couples HIV Testing Campaign: Go Together, Know Together. One in every 20 couples living together are HIV discordant, meaning that one partner is HIV positive and the other is not. Discordance would be a latent tool in the fight against the spread of the epidemic; especially when couples know theirs and each other’s status, because then, the negative partner can be helped to remain negative.

Reports from the Ministry of Health show that around 90 per cent of men and women in Uganda do not know the HIV status of their sexual partners. “Only about 20-25 per cent of Ugandans have ever tested for HIV and received the results, and only about 10-12 percent have done so in the last 12 months. The health ministry has launched a national campaign encouraging couples to test for HIV together. The campaign is dubbed ‘Go Together Know Together Couple HIV Counseling and Testing.’

This follows research findings from the 2004/2005 Uganda sero-surveys that showed a high incidence of HIV among married couples.

Dr. Sam Zaramba, the director general of health services, launched the campaign at the health ministry headquarters in Kampala. He said over 6% of married and cohabiting couples are estimated to be HIV- positive, compared to less than 2% of those who are not married.

According to the Mode of Transmission Study, 43% of new HIV infections in Uganda occur among married people and 46% in people involved in multiple sexual relationships.

The Role of The Church in Addressing The AIDS Epidemic:

A proper faith-based response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic involves a practical, multi-pronged approach that aims to halt the spread of the disease, Community Based Care & Support of People Living With AIDS & as well as provide Community Based Care & Support of Children Orphaned by AIDS.

The global AIDS pandemic provides a nearly unparalleled opportunity for witness to the gospel through comprehensive HIV/AIDS services, advocacy, and other healing ministries. The Church congregations, schools, health facilities, women's, men's, and youth groups need to play a major role by providing awareness, support, education, and care to those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Churches & Faith Based Communities Should:

  1. Be places of openness where persons whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS can name their pain and reach out for compassion, understanding, and acceptance in the presence of persons who bear Christ's name;
  2. Provide care and support to individuals and families whose lives have been touched by HIV/AIDS;
  3. Be centers of education and provide group support and encouragement to help men, women, and youth refrain from activities and behaviors associated with transmission of HIV infection;
  4. Advocate for increased levels of funding for HIV/AIDS, persons should contact their Members of Parliaments to and urge adequate funding to provide resources for reproductive health of women and girls as well as HIV/AIDS prevention
  5. Observe World AIDS Day on or around December 1 each year. Materials for World AIDS Day are available from the Web sites of UNAIDS (http:/


Empowering the Church to respond to the AIDS Epidemic, Africa Youth Ministries in partnership with HIV Hope US, in August 21st to 27th trained 34 Health Workers from different Churches & Living Hope Health Centre.

Training of Church Youth Leaders in HIV/AIDS Intervention at Entebbe Pentecostal Church in partnership with Ultra Teen Choice USA

To partner or donate to Africa Youth Ministries HIV/AIDS Comprehensive services projects you can reach us by email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Follow link Cheques in favour of Africa Youth Ministries can posted to P.O. Box 20029, Kampala Uganda. Donate Now

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