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Organisation/Project Vehicles


Dear Expected Donors/Partners, I am writing this humble appeal on behalf of Africa Youth Ministries/Living Hope Health Centre to apply or request for a donation of a field transport vehicle, ambulance, office vehicle, dump construction truck, staff van and a relief distribution light or heavy truck. The requested vehicles will be used in our various projects e.g.HIV/AIDS Comprehensive service delivery e.g. VCT, Treatment, Home Based Care, Community Based Care of Orphaned Children, Peace Building & Humanitarian distribution projects, sports for social change coordination, primary health care etc.

Africa Youth Ministries, is a Child and Youth focused Christian non profit registered No 5914/6068 in Uganda, implementing projects and programs addressing problems affecting young people. AYM was established in 2003, and for the last 6 years has operated without its own means of transport but relied on hired transport. This has costed us tremendous amounts of money, simply because we dont have a funds and a budget to buy an organisation vehicle. Further, there's a lot of inconveniencies and hidden costs in relying on hired transport. Below you will see pictures of the vehicles we urgently need, you may make a donation in kind or contribute against a category of vehicle basing on the prevailing market price. Please note, Africa Youth Ministries is working in partnership with the Government of Uganda in majority of our projects and with this arrangement, the organisation has a Memorandum of Understanding with the government exempting us from paying taxes in imported project equipments and items.

Category: Ambulance

For a detailed photo album on our project use of hired vehicles, follow us on facebook

The organisation urgently needs an ambulance for Living Hope Health Centre for emergency referel cases and for the Home Based Care program for people living with AIDS, who may require emergency transfers to Hospital.

Category: Humanitarian Logistics

Donate now to the cause of buying a project vehicle e.g. US$ 50, 100, 500, 1000

The organisation has had difficulties in Humanitarian distribution logistics entirely relying on hired transport, costing us tremendous amounts of money, sometimes causing delays in service delivery when the funds are not their. Own transport will ease our logistics in relief distribution and cut down our operations costs.

Category: Construction Projects

Africa Youth Ministries, is implementing an on-going low cost housing project constructing free low cost houses for orphaned children, widows, and the elderly persons living with orphans as a result of the AIDS Epidemic. Besides, AYM also is having an on-going Living Hope Hospital hospital construction, our construction budgets are heavily inflated by transport costs for building materials, our own transport will cut down the cost of our construction projects.

Category: Staff & Volunteers

Africa Youth Ministries, urgently also needs means of transport for our staff, Volunteers, Sports program beneficiaries, missions, children and partners during field programs and events when needed to travel in big numbers, to save on the cost of hiring.



Category: Offroad Staff Field Vehicle:

Because majority of majority of our trips being in rural communities sometimes accessibility is very difficult especially in rainy season and some rough terrains. This type of 4x4 Landcruiser will make it anywhere and it can double as well as an ambulance in emergencies.



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