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Peace Through Sports


Former war affected youth at Peace Stadium in Gulu under the Peace Through Sport program implemented by Africa Youth Ministries.

Former war affected and abducted girls take time off to train in soccer at Boma grounds Kitgum town.

Peace Through Sport, young boys under a soccer training session at Minakulu Primary School playgrounds Oyam District.

Formerly war affected children take time off in drills in a soccer training session

Play Soccer Make Peace

Nelson Mandela wisely said: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. Implemented by Africa Youth Ministries, ”Peace Through Sport Program” Brings together children and youth from the 4 Northern Uganda war affected Districts of Adjumani, Gulu, Kitgum, & Pader that were worst affected by the 21 years of the brutal civil armed conflict between the government of Uganda and the Lord Resistance Army rebels. The project uses sport as a platform to teach necessary peace building skills with emphasis on: dialogue, tolerance, forgiveness, reconciliation, non violence, respecting and accepting differences, justice & equality, respecting rules, self control, communication skills, team spirit, integrity, and all important ingredients for dialogue and peace.

Besides, the “Peace Through Sport Program”, is a conduit through which formerly war affected children and youth are sensitised on HIV/AIDS, giving them skills to make informed reproductive health decisions. Sport, equally is being used to facilitate reconciliation and healing in a society witnessed widespread rape, torture, child abductions, indiscriminate killing by the LRA rebels, burning down of villages, maiming of human beings or systematic limb.

To help former war affected Children & Youth cope with trauma & stress, violence, Africa Youth Ministries is working on structured complementary programs in sports, art, and music. The peace through Sport Program is partly funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission.

Africa Youth Ministries is a Child & Youth focused Christian social action non profit organization implementing development, economic and humanitarian projects in Uganda. A non profit organization registered as a charity no’ 5914/6068.

Girls in a soccer match

Former war affected youth in a soccer match

The photo depicts the effects of the war on the child (the child drew a picture of rebels shooting at people and burning down houses as others run into the bush.

The photo reflects our interfaith peace building program. Educating people of different faith to leave in harmony.

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