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Project 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches

2010 Soccer World Cup Provides Platform for Major New African HIV-Prevention Initiative Africa Youth Ministries through Project 2010 will be harnessing Africa’s passion for soccer to launch a massive community based HIV Prevention campaign under the Tackling AIDS Through Sport Program. During the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa, AYM will implement Reproductive Health education programs using soccer to promote healthy living and responsible choices among the youth in Uganda.

Using the tagline Tackling AIDS Through Sport, Africa Youth Ministries with partners will be using the power of sport for a massive, comprehensive youth focused HIV prevention throughout the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Girls under the Tackling AIDS Through Sport Program take a HIV Testing

The initiative taps into excitement around the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup by using soccer as the entry point for an evidence based strategy that draws on best practice for HIV prevention, youth communication and sports for development.
AYM and its partners will be conducting community based outreach programs for youth including educational and free HIV Testing & Counseling services. To this effect, Africa Youth Ministries plans to recruit over 500 VCT Volunteer Counselors. Besides, during this period AYM will also engage the youth on drug abuse, teen pregnancy and as well on economic development through setting up of income generating projects. this effort aims to:

  • Help accelerate reductions in the rate of HIV infection among young Ugandans
  • Re-engage young people across Uganda in the fight against HIV/AIDS
  • Help boost leadership on drug abuse prevention especially in West Nile.

Peace Through Sport Outreaches FIFA 2010 World Cup

In Northern Uganda, a sub region that was devastated by a 21 years civil armed conflict between the LRA rebels and the government of Uganda between 1986-2006. The 2010 Soccer World Cup presents an ideal opportunity to engage sport as a platform to teach necessary peace building skills with emphasis on: dialogue, tolerance, forgiveness, reconciliation, non violence, respecting and accepting differences, justice & equality, respecting rules, self control, communication skills, team spirit, integrity, and all important ingredients for dialogue and peace. Nelson Mandela wisely said: “Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.

Northern Uganda war affected youth sports programs
During the 2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches, soccer skills development and enhancement training clinics will be conducted in selected communities benefiting Orphaned Children, War affected Children, Street Children and poverty stricken communities
During the 2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches key resources persons will educate and sensitise young people in select communities on HIV/AIDS, Non Violence, Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation, Forgiveness, and Poverty.

Project 2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches, will also focus on community capacity building through the training of local peer HIV/AIDS Educators as well as peer soccer coaches and referees for project sustainability purposes.

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches, we will be conducting medical clinics, with Free HIV Testing, Dental and Eye care activities, we need medical medicals for this program, to apply drop us an email at

The CEO Africa Youth Ministries training community leaders and Youth in Northern Uganda on the role of sport in peace building, during the FIFA World Cup outreaches, local leaders and war affected you will be trained on reconciliation, non violence, forgiveness and tolerance.

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches we will be conducting 100's of community soccer clinics and this calls for volunteer coaches and referees to conduct the soccer clinics as well as to train local peer coaches and referees.

Tackling AIDS Through Sport: sensitising young people on HIV/AIDS, using sport as a social development tool, during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches, we will conduct 100's of Community and School based HIV education and sensitisation clinics in select communities

Though the FIFA 2010 World Cup is all about soccer, we also consider those young people that cannot be able soccer but are able to play other sport like netball, Volleyball and basketball, if you're a coach and an umpire in this area, consider to apply for a volunteer opportunity by dropping us an email at

Our 2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches, will not only focus on boys, for gender balance we will also conduct girls sports clinics, are you a girls soccer coach, apply today for a fun filled summer placement at

Donate Sports Equipments or Funds Now:

For our 2010 FIFA World Cup Outreaches, community sports clinics and community sports donations, we need 3,000 soccer balls that is US$ 30,000 each soccer ball costing US$ 10, your donation of US$ 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, will make this project a success, make a kind donation now!

UNAIDS Executive Director, Dr. Peter Piot said:
“Soccer offers an exciting platform for intensifying HIV prevention efforts across Africa helping promote self esteem and supporting the development of protective communication and life skills. Combining soccer with community based programmes and intensive media outreach will give a welcome boost to ongoing HIV prevention work on the continent and will be particularly powerful in the months building up to the first World Cup to be hosted in Africa.”



HIV/AIDS Peer Educator at Work

HIV post test Counseling: a HIV Counselor gives to a student, HIV test results
Primary School based HIV Counseling and Testing
Secondary School based HIV Counseling and Testing Services
You too can make a donation of sports equipments to Project 2010
Community soccer outreach programs to Orphaned Children
You too can donate sports equipments to Project 2010
Africa Youth Ministries CEO, hands over sports equipments to community leaders peace through sport project
Are you a soccer coach, enroll today for a fun filled summer placement in Uganda
Young and Empowered
Girls Soccer Skills Development
The joy and fun that comes with soccer, Orphaned but happy
The joy that comes with goal scoring
Peace Through Sport: The war is no more time to play and make merry
Soccer Skills Development
Where your donated funds and sports equipments go
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Street soccer for street kids


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