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Way Forward

Soccer/Netball at the Beach: Teens/Youth participate in sports at Kisubi Beach 2005
Africa Youth Miistries Out of School Soccer Program
Above are the beneficiaries of the Project doing
their evening soccer training.
In June 2001, the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS stated as one of their global priorities, “by 2005, to ensure that at least 90% of young people aged 15-24 have access to information, education and services necessary to develop the life skills needed to reduce their vulnerability to HIV, and 95% by 2010”
Kicking AIDS Out! represents an innovative approach towards reaching this goal. The challenge lies in proving that it is different and that it does make an impact on the lives of young people. This will be a focus for the Kicking AIDS Out of Uganda! For Africa Youth Ministries Uganda, alongside with the ongoing implementation of the existing programs.
Through sport young people are inspired and driven not only to fight AIDS, and not only to support those that are infected and affected by the pandemic, but to effect real transformation through empowering themselves and those around them.
Empower Youth to Abstain from Sex!
Give them the power:
- To make wise choices to remain uninfected
- To escape HIV/AIDS
- To influence the future generations – role models
- To TEST True Love
Positive Youth Sports Facts:
• Kids who play sports do better in school and are less likely to get in trouble.
• Fewer boys in team sports used "other drugs" like cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines, compared to their active non-team counterparts.
• The rate of absenteeism is less than half for students who participate in sports versus those who do not participate in sports.
• School dropout rate for athletes is 1%, while the dropout rate for non-athletes is more than 8%.
• Discipline rate is 10% lower for athletes versus non-athletes.
• Grade point average for athletes is one GPA point level higher than non-athletes.
• Students who participate in sports are 90% less likely to use drugs and 3 times more likely to graduate.
• Girls who participate in high school sports are 80% less likely to become pregnant as teenagers.
• Sports allow children to build confidence, take risks, and feel successful when they accomplish their goals.
Sport and play can:
• improve physical health and well-being
• teach essential values and life skills, i.e. cooperation and respect
• be a positive force in childhood development
• bridge social, political and cultural divides
• unite, motivate, inspire and educate
• strengthen links between children and adults
• contribute to economic development of communities

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