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Soccer/Netball at the Beach: Teens/Youth participate in sports at Kisubi Beach 2005
Africa Youth Miistries Out of School Soccer Program
Above are the beneficiaries of the Project doing
their evening soccer training.
Africa Youth Ministries Uganda is a Child & Youth focused Faith Based Non Profit Organisation operating in Uganda. The organisation has a past documented success story in reaching in school young people with a message of HIV/AIDS & Adolescent pregnancy prevention. Learning from the experience of many other community development organisations using sport as a medium for development, Africa Youth Ministries Uganda is embarking on integrating sports in its HIV/AIDS prevention programs.
This will start with Rakai District, Why we selected Rakai District for our Program launching, you will realise that the 1st HIV/AIDS case in Uganda was identified in Rakai District in 1982, and since then the HIV/AIDS epidemic has had a profound impact on the population of Rakai District, in some villages some families or homes were completely erased by the scourge.
According to the current Ministry of Health epidamology Surveilence report, Rakai prevalence rate still stands very high at 15%, yet the declared national prevalence rate is 6%. It is on this basis that Africa Youth Ministries Uganda has embarked on a more rigorous HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaigns in the District of Rakai. Africa Youth Ministries Uganda has been operating in the District of Rakai since 2004 working in partnership with Rakai Women Against AIDS Rhythm Troupe.
Our Sports & HIV/AIDS prevention program is meant to run as a continuous program, only if funds to implement & sustain this program are realized. Inter village, Parish, Sub-county, County & at the District level will be conducted in collaboration with the Rakai Districts Sports Desk & local authorities. All sports teams are composed of young people who have been Orphaned by AIDS or indirectly affected by the AIDS epidemic. Africa Youth Ministries Uganda is working in partnership various organisations to integrate sport in our HIV/AIDS & Adolescent prevention programs

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