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Soccer/Netball at the Beach: Teens/Youth participate in sports at Kisubi Beach 2005
Africa Youth Miistries Out of School Soccer Program
Above are the beneficiaries of the Project doing
their evening soccer training.
Sports and physical activity provides young people with physical, social, and mental benefits, thereby improving productivity and psycho-social well being. Physical activity is an effective disease prevention method. In addition to its direct benefits, sport is also used as a communication to promote healthy lifestyles.
As we integrate sports in our HIV/AIDS Prevention programs, in many Countries, sport is being used to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and to target vulnerable groups such as orphans and out of school youth. Sport can tackle factors that contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS by providing knowledge, life skills, access to services and safe and supportive environment.
In Kenya,1,700 residents of Kwale participated in a full-day football tournament “Kick AIDS out of Kwale” to promote girls empowerment and to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS.

The “sport for life” programme in Honduras addresses HIV/AIDS prevention through the vehicle of an organised football league. It has been successful in reducing school drop-out rate, street gangs, and HIV/AIDS among adolescents, promoting family integration and improving child health.

“The aim of the United Nations activities involving sport is not the
Creation of sporting champions and the development of sports but
rather the use of sport in broader development and peace-building
activities” US SG Kofi Annan.

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