Cryptomorphs are booming, says OAB

Brazilian Bar Association in Rio Grande do Sul next week on technology.

The market for cryptomorphs has been on the rise in recent years, but by 2020 the time is special. According to the OAB of Rio Grande do Sul, „cryptomaps are booming.

With the advent of blockchain technology, many businesses are looking for innovations in the sector. In the area of law, especially digital law, there are numerous opportunities for professionals.

This training has been encouraged and lawyers in Brazil are already seeking to understand the concepts. In addition, magistrates of the country’s courts are qualified to understand more about the blockchain.

Next week an OAB event will discuss more details of the many current innovations.

OAB states that cryptomoedas are booming and full of opportunities for professionals

The Brazilian Bar Association, also known as OAB, is the highest entity in the country to represent lawyers. In its list of activities, even training is offered to professionals.

In a recent guide on digital law, conducted by the OAB/RS, seven questions and answers on digital law were published. In one point, the entity answered the question about what are the main areas of digital law today.

One of the areas professionals could then focus on would be criminal law applied to technologies. With several scams happening over the Internet, the professional could handle these cases.

In addition, the professional could assist in consulting for startups and fintechs, technology-based companies. Finally, the OAB stated that the professionals could work with blockchain and cryptomoeda, a sector that is expanding rapidly.

„It is also possible to specialise in issues involving cryptomotic and business via blockchain, a heated and booming segment,“ the OAB/RS said.

Next week’s event will give you the opportunity to learn more about the subject

On November 5, the OAB/RS will hold the II OAB Digital Summit, in an online version. Registration costs R$ 50 and will be reverted to charities.

The event will provide an opportunity for professionals in the sector to learn more about the technologies and opportunities. Cryptomoeda technology will also be the theme of one of the lectures on November 6.

The so-called smart contracts, famous in cryptomaps like Bitcoin Supersplit, for example, will be the subject of a lecture by Alexandre Atheniense, an expert in digital law.

Another participation in the event that may have the blockchain’s presence is by Fausto Vanin, co-founder of One Percent. This company, which made the first official STO in Brazil, works with the creation of blockchain solutions for the market.

The Brazilian judiciary is going through a challenging time to understand the various technologies and adapt to them. As announced by Livecoins, a course for judges in São Paulo recently spoke about Bitcoin technology.

These basic concept trainings can help professionals act at a time when digitalization is becoming fundamental in the world. The OAB/RJ also talked about cryptomorphs in an event in July, that is, the national market is in search of these concepts.