Stable Coin USDCoin finds a new blockchain home

USDCoin will also be available on the Stellar Blockchain from next year. This makes the stable coin more independent of Ethereum.

The Stellar Blockchain will support the stable coin USDCoin from the first quarter of 2021

The Center Consortium, consisting of Circle and Coinbase, have this messageMade on October 15th. Stellar will become the third blockchain on which the stable coin that represents the US dollar can be traded. The aim of the consortium is to expand its reach.

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The market capitalization of USDCoin is currently $ 2.76 billion. This makes it the second largest stable coin after the $ 15.8 billion tether. The cryptocurrency, which is mainly traded on the Ethereum blockchain, has also been at home on the Algorand blockchain since September. By turning away from Ethereum to other blockchains, the coin should become more independent.

Stable Coin USDCoin aims high

In addition, both Stellar and the Center Consortium stated that they have grown significantly in the recent past. Together they want to compete with the “old elites”. They have a long way to go. Not only do investors trade the stable coin tether significantly more. Ethereum also has a significantly higher trading volume than Stellar: With a market capitalization of 42 billion US dollars, the blockchain is 28 times the size of the challenger . On the other hand, the smaller blockchain is more efficient, so that it can process transactions faster and cheaper – an advantage that should not be underestimated.

Traders now have to be careful when handling USDCoin that the recipient and sender of the stable coin use the same blockchain. However, programming interfaces (API) should soon provide a remedy: If enough developers use them, the choice of blockchain is less relevant for end users. Circle has already presented this solution.